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If you wish to see “Live India” the real India, the India which is vibrant and alive with colours, customs, creed and craving for spirituality and inner happiness, you will have to come with us, walk with us, hand- in- hand, on the streets of Indian cities and lanes of far flung villages, see through our eyes, and read through our minds, to experience the living cultures, since 1000 of years. With us you will not just see the mere monuments, but the real live-size story behind these great structures, which makes them immortal and everlasting gems in the crown of Indian glorious history. Our guides will walk the talk in such a way that the entire journey through India, will simply look like a dream filled with exotic landscapes, the setting sun down the valley, high altitude meandering roads vanishing into the lofty mountains. With us every live-less object, monuments, forts, palaces, suddenly comes alive, and you come to “live and experience” India never before.


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